Cat Accessories


We stock Bob Martin’s new advanced Flea Clear flea range which uses Sipromil, the same active ingredient used by Frontline, but is much more competitively priced than Frontline.We also stock a large range of Johnson’s veterinary products including single dose wormers and the 4fleas household products range. This includes household sprays and room foggers which are effective insecticides for treatment of carpets, soft furnishings and pet bedding. In addition, we stock a large variety of conditioners and supplements from suppliers such as Vetzyme and M&C. We also stock Feliway. Feliway can be used to help comfort and reassure cats while they cope with a challenging situation and help prevent or reduce the stress caused by a change in their environment.


We stock a large selection of traditional and hooded cat beds in fashionable colours and fabrics for your cat’s comfort. In addition, we also stock a large selection of cat doughnuts and fleece blankets, from manufacturers including Rosewood, Danish Design and Ferplast. We also stock the ever-popular cats cradle radiator bed for those cats who like that extra bit of warmth!


We stock several fabulous furniture ranges for exercising your cats and preventing claw damage around your home. Included is the very popular and hardwearing Ancol range of scratchers and posts. Also included is the Catwalk Collection, from Rosewood Pet Products, which offers an alternative robust range of scratchers, climbers and toys to encourage natural behaviour in cats.


We stock a large variety of cat toys, including the extensive Jolly Moggy range and the exciting and ever changing ranges from Good Girl and Kong. The majority of these cat toys contain catnip to ensure your cat will have hours of fun!


We stock a large range of cat collars giving you the choice from over 40 designs. The range includes the latest reflective and quick release safety collars, all of which have bells attached, to help protect your garden birds.


We stock two of the most popular designs of cat carriers, namely the complete wire carriers, providing your cat with extensive visibility and plastic carriers, which offer your cat a more secure environment for its journey. All carriers come in a variety of sizes. We also stock a large range of IATA approved carriers, which comply with all airline regulations.

Litter & Trays

Creature Comforts have a large selection of cat litters to choose from. These include wood based, paper based, clumping and white cat litters. Brands stocked include Tact, Comfey, Worlds Best, Biocatlit, Catsan, Thomas, Sophisticat as well as many others. All of these are available in various sizes. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discover our full range and remember we are able to deliver any of these to your home. We also have a large selection of cat litter trays ranging from standard small trays to the latest hooded styles of trays, complete with doors and charcoal filters.

Cat Doors

We stock the complete range of Catmate doors, which are available in a variety of models including standard, 4 way locking, electromagnetic and glass fitting doors. We also stock the revolutionary micro chipped Sureflap range. All of these are available in a variety of sizes and colours. We are delighted to offer you advice on the best door to meet your requirements.

Please contact us to enquire about availability or visit us in store, to see our extensive selection of pet accessories.